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ISONEM Paint & Insulation Technologies was established in Izmir, Turkey in 2004.  With its groundbreaking Research & Development team, it has assumed the leading role globally in the fields of Special Paints, Waterproofing, Floor Coatings and Industrial Chemicals.  Operating from an 18,000 sq ft production site in Izmir’s ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, ISONEM produces a wide range of innovative products for use in the sectors of contracting and construction, agriculture, thermal insulation, defense, energy and firefighting and prevention. Sustainably produced without the use of any biocidal raw materials, these products, now available in approx. 100 countries, will propel us into the future, benefiting mankind and the whole world.

In 2019, we acquired the exclusive North American distribution rights to the innovative brand of ISONEM products and we began introducing them to the United States for the very first time.  ISONEM-USA, a veteran-owned company, was born.  It is our honor to represent this amazing brand in North America with a focus on developing distribution sites across the US, Canada, Mexico and The Caribbean.  For this reason, we seek partners in each state who are interested in becoming exclusive distributors in their prospective areas.  Our first and base location is in Odenton, MD, and consists of a warehouse, training facilities and showroom.  And with a vision for providing opportunities for underserved, we use our training facilities to provide certified training in the bourgeoning Epoxy Flooring industry.  Trainees will emerge from our course with the knowledge and ability to acquire a sustainable income through employment or entrepreneurship, as we also cover business aspects of the industry, as well as technical expertise.  We also have a program where we can travel to any location to train a class of 15 or more students.


Aside from the distribution of products and training, we also offer a wide range of contracting services, including, but not limited to, epoxy flooring and countertops, street and athletic top painting, waterproofing, warehouse floor coating, pool deck finishing and pool painting and sealing.


We’re extremely excited about the ISONEM brand of innovative products, as is everyone else who becomes familiar with them, and we look forward to the kind of success the brand is experiencing throughout the rest of the world.


"Awesome flooring options! Gotta see it to believe it."

- Jon Waugh

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