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Updated: May 24, 2023

The Isonem-St Louis team poses with Isonem-USA CEO
The Isonem-ST Louis team is looking to expand

ISONEM-USA is making waves in the building and contracting industries. The black and veteran owned company owns the North American distribution rights to the ISONEM brand of innovative products and they're taking their show on road. The team will be visiting Atlanta, Savannah, Dallas, Houston and Las Vegas to meet with developers and contractors and spread the word about ISONEM's sustainable products for waterproofing, special paints, floor coatings and industrial chemicals. Leading the charge is Erion "EJ" Johnson Jr. and Marc Welch, ISONEM National Sales Directors, and St Louis distributors. “These products are so amazing, we have to get in front of people to demonstrate just how innovative they are. When they see the products, the next question is usually, “how can I be a distributor”, states EJ.

“We are excited to be making our first stop in Georgia,” said ISONEM-USA CEO, Kojo Danso. “We are meeting with building developers and contractors in the region to discuss how our products can help them achieve their goals.”

Isonem Thermal Paint displayed on billboard in Las Vegas
Isonem-USA uses highly visible billboards as part of their marketing strategy

After their visit to Georgia, the team will be heading to Dallas and Las Vegas where they will continue to spread awareness of their products and services. Following these visits, they will return home to St Louis for a special event: The ISONEM Clinic.

The clinic will take place on the week of the 17th and provide an opportunity for members of the community to learn about ISONEM’s range of products and innovations.

ISONEM’s COO, Anthony Davis explained why this event is so important: “At ISONEM we believe that knowledge is power. We want everyone in our community to know, not only do we have great sustainable products that are superior and more cost effective, but we’re also providing a path to financial enrichment thru distribution and affiliate programs in our efforts to help create wealth across the continent!” EJ continues, “Our team is looking forward to showing off these products during the homecoming event at The ISONEM Clinic.” He hopes that by increasing awareness of their products they can make a positive impact on both businesses and communities in the region.

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