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It is an elastic, modified bitumen additive, single component waterproofing material based on bitumen modified pure polymer, produced with the latest technology, with excellent properties. It forms a seamless and waterproof coating after drying on the applied surfaces. Thanks to its structure, it has elastic and crack closure feature. It is suitable for use in the insulation of old or new roofs by covering and underground. It is not affected by groundwater. It adheres strongly to many dry or slightly damp surfaces, does not swell or separate over time. It is resistant to plant roots. It is suitable for use in gardens and terraces.



    • On foundation, shear wall, external walls of the basement,
    • Covering on old or new terraces or roofs,
    • In the re-insulation of old bitumen or bitumen surfaces,
    • On membranes or repairs,
    • In roof gutters,
    • In the insulation of concrete pipe, brick, wood, zinc, aerated concrete etc. surfaces,
    • Protection of all concrete surfaces under the ground against corrosion.
    • Density A comp. (25°C, g/mL): 1,45 ± 0,10
    • pH (25°C): 7.0 – 9.0
    • Viscosity A comp. (25°C, mPa.s): 8000 - 10000
    • Water transmission rate (kg/ m2. h0,5): < 0,1 CLASS W
    • Adhesion strength by pull-off test (N/mm2): Crack bridging flexible systems without trafficking 0.8,with trafficking 1.5 N/mm²
    • Permeability to water vapour (m): 5 ≤ SD ≤ 50 CLASS II
    • Solvent: Water
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