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Soil Stabilizer And Dust Control Agent

It is an ecological solution used for stabilizing, solidification, hardening or anti-dusting all kinds of soils and aggregates. Immediately after application to soil or aggregate, ISONEM SS copolymer molecules form long nanoparticles by forming straight and cross-linking with aggregate or soil. When the water content added during the application evaporates from the soil and aggregate, it forms a long-lasting and water-resistant flexible solid material matrix. After curing, it becomes completely transparent and makes the natural cover look untouched. It is water-based, one component.


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    • · Dirt roads without coating
    • · Land improvement
    • · Construction site areas and roads, construction site parking areas
    • · Heavy vehicle roads
    • · Road foundation and sub-foundations, highway banquets
    • · Warehouse and stock piles
    • · Power plants, slopes, and banquets
    • · Helicopter test tracks, forest roads
    • · Airport aprons, agricultural access roads
    • · Mine deposits and sites, border patrol roads
    • · Golf courses and walking paths, park and recreation areas
    • · Storage areas
    • Density (25°C, g/mL): 1,00 ± 0,10
    • pH (25°C): 7.0 – 10.0
    • Viscosity (25°C, mPa.s): 4000 - 9000
    • Solid content (% Weight): 50 ± 2
    • Solvent: Water
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