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It is a siloxane-based transparent insulation product that makes surfaces applied water-impermeable preserving its naturalness, not deform its appearance and texture without forming a film on the absorbent surfaces on which it is applied. Because it does not form a film layer on the surface, it does not prevent, diminish or distort the breathing capacity of the building or stone. Does not make blackening and embossment. Alkali resistance is very high and so can be applied easily in new or old concretes. It prevents efflorescence and staining composed by reason of mortar of press bricks, natural, artificial stone, plasters which it is applied. It prevents the heat insulation value of buildings from being lost since it prevents wetting. Protects the building from corrosion. It also extends the life of structures.


· It is transparent, does not form a film layer, does not distort the natural image, does not give a bright image like varnish.

· In-depth work has a high penetration property

· High alkali resistance.

· Does not prevent structures from breathing.

· Long-lasting and economical.

· Prevents contamination, blackening, and discoloration caused by rain. Protects from frost damage and salt vomiting.


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  • It is applied to all kinds of surfaces mineral-based and absorbent. For example; Gross concrete, plaster, brick, briquette, travertine, natural stone, mosaic, gas concrete; tile, etc. It is not applicable to non-absorbent surfaces such as marble, granite, glass, metal, plastic and horizontal absorbent surfaces. ISONEM MS 80 is used to protect the exterior walls of unpainted and absorbent surfaces from rain and its effects.

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