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ISONEM STREET PAINT is a one-component, non-slip, acrylic-based concrete and Asphalt floor system. Available in a variety of colors. ISONEM STREET PAINT is engineered to withstand high chemical and various weather
conditions over a long period of time, making it suitable for usage in wet working areas. It’s resistance to UV and outdoor weather makes it suitable for application for walking paths, asphalt pavements, basketball/tennis courts, as well as sports fields. Nonslip when wet will withstand traffic exposure. ISONEM STREET PAINT has a high resistance to atmospheric conditions and a strong adhesion with excellent water and UV resistance, and can be used to obtain a dust-free and decorative surfaces on asphalt, concrete, and cement surfaces in indoor and outdoor facilities.


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    • Garages and light traffic exposed to parking areas
    • Walking paths, garden floors
    • On concrete or asphalt roads, parking areas,
    • Tennis, basketball, volleyball court grounds
    • Game and entertainment areas
    • Density (25°C, g/mL): 1,40 ± 0,10
    • pH (25°C): 7.0 – 9.0
    • Viscosity (25°C, mPa.s): 9000 - 12000
    • Solid content (% Weight): 74 ± 2
    • Water transmission rate (kg/ m2. h0,5): < 0,1 CLASS W3
    • Adhesion strength by pull-off test (N/mm2): Crack bridging flexible systems with trafficking 1.5 N/mm²
    • Permeability to water vapour (m): 5 ≤  SD ≤ 50 CLASS II
    • Solvent: Water
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